An analysis of granite citys girls basketball coach agitation

The almost dry basins are swelling considerably and in some places, it's rained even too much. In Planargia, the river Temo has broken its banks and some tributaries, in places have flooded streets. In Bosa, the houses in the centre of town, risk being invaded by the waters if the level doesn't subside.

An analysis of granite citys girls basketball coach agitation

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Posted on 26 July The season starts Friday, Aug. Though Faith is returning to six-man football for the first time sinceWentrcek said it can play on an man field.

In fact, six-man championship games are conducted on man fields each year, he added. Six-man teams play on yard fields.

An analysis of granite citys girls basketball coach agitation

Wentrcek added Aaron Powell to his staff as defensive coordinator. The athletic department has moved into the student life center, and the old athletic office building will turn into a dressing room for visiting teams and officials.

The search continues for a new girls head basketball coach and a softball coach. Wentrcek said he has interviewed several candidates for girls head basketball coach. In the meantime, he promoted boys head basketball coach Zakk Revelle to basketball operations coordinator.

Revelle will lead the boys and girls programs in strength and conditioning and drills for all basketball teams, including elementary and junior high. He did many of the same roles last year under former athletics director and interim girls head basketball coach Randy Denton.

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