An analysis of the maltese falcon and its significance in american film

I expect to lose a million dollars this year. I expect to lose a million dollars next year. Became Their Own Antithesis: Kane starts out with a declaration of principles, championing the Inquirer and himself as a tireless seeker of truth and justice and the defender of "the common man", until he slowly becomes a power-hungry controller of information who wants the common man to love him but who has none to give back, exemplified when he loudly proclaims that the people will think "what I tell them to think".

An analysis of the maltese falcon and its significance in american film

Detective stories have existed in film since the early days of cinema. The pictures were carried largely by the charming nature of the detective who was engaging to watch more than the mystery itself. The Maltese Falcon existed in film versions in and before the famous Humphrey Bogart picture.

The first two depicted a Sam Spade that was much more a wisecracking fellow bent towards seduction and comedy. Those characteristics were the point of the films, with the mystery carrying the wave of humor and seduction.

Humor was replaced with a few dark verbal jabs.

The Maltese Falcon

His attractions to women are not out of whimsy or fun, but danger. And the dangerous female became a common device for the noir genre. The term also implies a cinematic style—a way of lighting, of positioning and moving the camera, the use of an introspective voice-over narration, often heavily reliant on flashbacks—and a choice of setting, generally a seedy, urban landscape, a world gone wrong.

Film noir has stylistic antecedents in German expressionist films of the s, as well as in American horror films and radio dramas of the s, and thematic antecedents in the hard-boiled fiction of the s and s. The style did not fully develop until a few years later with films such as Double Indemnity and Murder, My Sweet However, substantial foundations were laid in with films such as The Maltese Falcon with its themes of widespread evil and deviant as well as manipulative sexuality, and Citizen Kane with its dark, expressionist look and fragmented narration.

The Maltese Falcon introduces elements that later became hallmarks of film noir — in particular the alienated and amoral hero, thefemme fatale, and the dark and disturbed urban environment in which they live — but it stops short of a purely noir outlook and visual representation.

The Maltese Falcon transforms the traditional detective film and signals the shift to film noir. Nor does it use fragmented voice-over narration, which would become a genre staple.

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But it does reveal character traits that became extremely prominent. He lacks compassion and concern for others. In short, he's sort of a jerk.

An analysis of the maltese falcon and its significance in american film

Much of noir sees the typical gender roles reversed, with women the intelligent and often conniving characters that bend the men to their will. The Maltese Falcon certainly utilized this disruptive power balance to great success.

The film worked with the Hays censorship code in ways that kept the viewer on the edge of forbidden content. The subtext created and manipulated an unsettling mood. The noir genre would go on to continuously challenge censorship and subject matter in dark and stylistic ways.

This atmosphere eventually became a telling mark of the genre and one of its definitive characteristics. The film provided the formula for film noir, and everything that followed owed a debt to John Huston and his creation of the Dashiell Hammett novel.Chinatown was successful in its attempt to formulate a film noir movie in part because it followed the design of previous films of its kind.

Missing Pieces and Cultural Differences

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Lighting in The Maltese Falcon. The still below shows a high-contrast cookie shadow of the detective firm’s name, giving the illusion of text on a window projecting onto the floor with an outside light source.

Aside of lighting elements, the archetypical femme fatale is another film noir element that is portrayed in the frames of Maltese Falcon.

Historical Context of The Maltese Falcon. After the war, many Americans felt that the government and traditional authorities failed the American people by engaging in an unnecessary war. Therefore, it is unsurprising that Hammett critiques all levels of authority by .

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