Attention deficit disorder is an excuse and not a real disability

Absence is medically required when: Recovery or quarantine requires confinement to bed or home. Being in the workplace or traveling to work is medically contra-indicated poses a specific hazard to the public, coworkers, or to the worker personally, i.

Attention deficit disorder is an excuse and not a real disability

In Wizard Runemaster Harry is usually very focused, right up until he spots a bit of magic he's never seen before, especially runes. Ultra Fast Pony uses this as an occasional gag, rather than a consistent trait of any one character.

In the opening episode, Twilight Sparkle sets off to save the world from an impending apocalypse. One run-in with Rainbow Dash later, she completely forgets about the apocalypse and makes it her goal to destroy Rainbow Dash instead.

In "Copywrong", Rarity devises a Zany Scheme to wreck Fluttershy's modeling career, but the scheme immediately derails and ends with punching Rainbow Dash rather than hurting Fluttershy in any way.

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In Age of DragonsKathan Adaar is a Qunari Inquisitor prone to going off on random tangents and forgetting what particular quest he is on at any given moment. Somehow he manages to be the smartest guy in the series anyway, proving that sometimes The Cuckoolander Was Right.

Fantasy of Utter Ridiculousness: Alice is gifted with a scarf early in the Extra Stage. Several times after, she gets distracted enough with its quality that several conversations fly right over her head.

Being easily distracted like all other three-year olds, Lisa has little faith in bringing Adrian to a council meeting. They know I would tear their pathetic souls to shreds if they laid a finger on Adrian intending to harm him.

Attention deficit disorder is an excuse and not a real disability

And a new meme is born. Note that this may not be an accurate representation of human ADHD, but it's a much more accurate representation of dog psychology. If there's even a suspicion, a dog will do exactly what it does in the movie, minus speaking — jerk its head away and stare waiting to see its target.

Dory from Finding Nemo fits the bill, though her "disorder" is rather attributed to a condition of "short term memory loss". As she can only remember a relatively short span of time clearly, it's easy for her to forget what she was originally doing and thus is likely to switch to a new topic.

It runs in her family This is the same mental condition shown in the Christopher Nolan movie Memento. Aliensboth Insectosaurus and B. The former because he has the personality of a dog. The latter because he has no brain turns out you don't need one.Why would a woman become romantically involved with a man who has Asperger’s?

Initially, a woman may admire the man’s intelligence, knowledge, good manners, old-fashioned sensibilities, unconventional charm, child-like qualities, and his practical, rational way of looking at the world.

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Celebrating the achievements and diversity of adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD): Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (AWP) is inviting adults with ADHD, in Bristol & greater area, to an awareness raising and recognition event. is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want. 1 On September 25, , President George W. Bush signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of (ADA Amendments Act), Public Law The ADA Amendments Act amended the ADA definition of disability to clarify its coverage of persons with disabilities and to provide guidance on the application of the definition.

Attention deficit disorder is an excuse and not a real disability

Feb 15,  · Millions of children, adults and families are affected by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or A.D.H.D., a troubling condition that can cause problems with work, school and relationships.

Every year, millions of withdrawn little girls and chronically overwhelmed women go undiagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder because they don't fit the stereotypical profile: they re not fast-talking, hyperactive, or inattentive, and they are not male.

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