Case asea brown boveri

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Case asea brown boveri

They were going to a marriage party of a relative of JFK Jr. Why Did Kennedy Crash? There just can't," said Michael Goldman, a longtime political consultant for On June 19,a small plane carrying the young senator crashed in Massachusetts.

Case asea brown boveri

I don't think there's anything about the Kennedy family that hasn't been spoken, printed or etched into marble by now, and the accumulated word volume has gone in the direction of Dow Jones over the past few days.

The reader surely knows what I'm talking about. The height of ignominy is ignorance of what happened on the 16th of July. Only a total recluse wouldn't have heard, and many recluses are better connected to the world than most regular people.

For those who aren't, a recap: Also in the plane were Carolyn and Lauren Bessette, sisters, the former being Mrs. They were going to the wedding of John's cousin Rory, set for six pm Saturday at the family compound at Hyannisport.

It was cancelled, and catering trucks, florists carrying what were suddenly the wrong arrangements and a few guests that had not been watching television were turned away as the cameras rolled, as the network correspondents yipped and yapped away like the sick, intrusive bastards they can be, like sharks when blood's in the water.

Extra phone lines were installed in the compound, and the amassed royalty of the American scene gathered, and this country gathered vicariously through the miracle of satellite feed, waiting for what will probably be the worst possible news. The plane parts recovered thus far point to a horrific ending, and part of me hopes they never find the fuselage.

I feel obliged to point out that I don't really have any regard for the Kennedy family. I don't hate them, I'm simply ambivalent.

Mere mystique and glamor do not appeal to me, and their political legacy is that of stillborn potential. Any discussion of the Kennedys leads inexorably into a labyrinth of hypotheticals that constitutes an alternate universe in which bullets don't fly and planes don't crash.

The finality of mortality is an iron lock on the doors of perception, a barbed-wire fence between what is and what should have been.

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One may start anywhere. Kennedy hadn't been assassinated, he would have won in '64, and Lyndon Johnson might never have held the top job.

A run in '68 would have been possible, but an aging Johnson has no hope against Robert Kennedy, who would have treated Johnson at the polls like he treated McCarthy. Why even bother to speculate on who the outgoing year-old JFK would have endorsed?

And what if Sirhan Sirhan had missed or been neutralized before he could get a shot off?


Need I say more? The Republicans had nothing in those years that could have defeated the Kennedy political machine at that point. They were too handsome, too charismatic on the stump, and they knew all the right people. Only Nixon knew how ruthless they could be.

They exploited his swarthy appearance without ever mentioning it: And so Nixon was vanquished thanks to television, which has not ceased to be a factor in Presidential campaigns since.

Nixon's banishment from national politics -- which he'd had coming ever since his vulgar crack about Helen Douglas' "pink panties" -- would have lasted forever had Robert left California alive, but he didn't, so the tragedy is twofold. The political scenarios conjured above are based on how the Kennedy men are regarded today, in glossy revisionist hindsight.


Scandal and bad legislation could have wrecked their legacy far more than the assassins did. John and Robert died before they could do or be caught doing anything, so we assume that it would have been smooth sailing. The two most significant domestic events of the '60s were civil rights legislation and the moon landing, both ideas of JFK, both of which could have happened in Kennedy administrations.

Case asea brown boveri

Kennedy-style liberalism is better exemplified in speeches than on paper, though LBJ clearly tied some of the loose ends of JFK's policy together to forge his own legacy. Nobody knows what concessions JFK might have made later in his term for expediency's sake, concessions that LBJ did not have to make, due to the nature of his promotion.

The Kennedys' politics are inconsistent with their wealth, and that is the most intriguing thing about them. They are famed for their populist rhetoric, but unlike most populists, their actions have never directly contradicted their words.Asea Brown Boveri: A Brief Strategic Analysis.

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