Condemning british dominion shedding light on

Mahmudun Nabi Published at The show was shrewdly kept under wraps till such time of its release. Before that he successfully brought to life such characters as British wanna-be gangstar rapper Ali G, Kazakhstani documentary maker Borat, gay Austrian fashion reporter Bruno. His popularity reached such a peak that fans all over the world were waiting impatiently for his next piece of work.

Condemning british dominion shedding light on

While the world is expecting to see a new President inaugurated in the White House, it may be surprised if a new leader appears on the scene in the Middle East. We shall watch with great interest. Hence the reason for having established a Palestinian Embassy at the Vatican. Operational since last October, the embassy was officially announced on Saturday at the meeting.

No innovative ideas militating toward true Israeli-Palestinian peace were put forward. The councils of men are at their most frustrated ends. Neither the Palestinian Authority nor Israel participated. One pundit said it looked like a wedding without the bride and groom.

Our belief is that some such group of similar actions will become the tripwire to the final Confrontation of Israel with its neighbors round about — and the Second Advent of our LORD from the heavens. Our wonderment is that our Father has withheld His annoyance in this matter for so long.

Lafferty We intend to assist readers to make some sense of recent events in the UN Security Council as they relate to Israel. Contrary to its usual practice, the United States abstained from voting on this resolution, causing it to pass by a vote of 14 14 in favor, to one abstention — that of the USA.

The difference is that Israel will not die as a result of this Condemning british dominion shedding light on injury. But their admiration and support for it does have meaning on the public stage — and will hurt Israel palpably as events move forward into the future.

Indeed, among other atrocious provisions, it deprives Israelis of the right legally to worship at the Western Wall. The legal implications of this UNSC Resolution can only move the disputing parties closer to open hostility — a move that is never very far away from reality.

Condemning british dominion shedding light on

And the ultimate winner has already been proclaimed in holy writ — Israel and its beloved People — hands down! There are yet three weeks remaining of his term of office in which he can do further harm. We intend to observe these closely and knowledgably. Our considered opinion is that Obama shall try to do further harm to Israel in his last days in office.

But now, with critically little time remaining, Obama has had to make adjustments to his conduct and to try to cram all his personal animosity for Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel itself into his final few weeks in office. Whether or not we mortals are able to determine that reason is a moot point.

But, given the gravity of — and the long-term effect of — this abstention on December 23rd, might this not be a candidate for thinking it to be of that level of importance? This was the first time the US had allowed an anti-Israel motion to be passed by abstaining from voting.

Most objective observers conservatives! Why was the abstention important?

Condemning british dominion shedding light on

It gained prime resonance because of the details which were allowed to pass into the legislation of the UNSC Resolution — be that of however much importance one thinks.

Trump when he becomes president on January 20th. The Israelis are sensibly by-passing the authority and even the disdainful presence! Both have suffered greatly for their trouble — and for their insensitivity to the will of the Almighty God.

Like the others, this initiative shall fail in the end, resulting in a glorious time when Zion is elevated above the hills, and a Great King occupies the Throne of David which shall be erected in that holy hill, in that Seat of the First Dominion of the Kingdom of God on the earth!

Published December 31, Israel is well recognized to have made advances in all three of the noted fields of science that are unprecedented in other nations. For this reason, Israel attracts more new venture capital start-ups of companies and industries than any other country of its size by far — and more proportionally than any other nation except perhaps the USA.

That seems to be her not-so-subtle message to her peers. And it is also tacit admission that the relationship between the two nations has not been the best in recent years — in fact, never. That alone, in our opinion, will bring blessings to the British people and their leaders.

In other releases, she has proclaimed her opposition to boycotts, divestments and sanctions BDS against Israel by Britain and the British people; in addition, she has reiterated her commitment to expunging anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial from British society.

This is indeed a new departure of the generalized, official British attitude toward Israel!

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It might go some distance toward reversing the general attitude of Brits toward Israel. A recent poll revealed that numerically more Brits are suspicious of the motives of Israelis than are suspicious of Iranians!PREFACE.

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