Cultural diffusion essay example

On the subject of international corporations, majority of the individuals hired are from different backgrounds as well as cultures.

Cultural diffusion essay example

During the Sengoku Jidai, that Japan was constantly in civil war. The Imperial government was overshadowed by the military Shogunate.

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Each land owning Daimyo land owning lord was constantly in battle, trying to obtain more land or the title of Shogun the supreme military ruler. In order to get the upper hand, trade with an outside source was needed; so many Daimyo vied to gain the attention of the Portuguese.

The Portuguese had begun to openly trade with cities in Japan ; Nagasaki had become a major trade port for the Japanese and Portuguese. Portuguese traders had brought along with them various novelties, such as wool, velvet, tobacco, clocks and even eyeglasses.

Japanese traders held great interest too these Western items, and often traded for them using silver or gold. But there Cultural diffusion essay example two items that would help in shaping Japanese history, European firearms and Christianity. Trade with Europe allowed the Japanese economy to become stronger and more stable, trade also introduced to them Western ideas and new military technology Hall The Portuguese found certain ideals such as Christianity to be difficult to convey to the Japanese, but there was a large number of Japanese who adopted the new religion, it however could not last as long as Buddhism.

A Jesuit priest named Xavier brought one of the most successful Christian missions to Japan. Traveling from different cities in Japan and often ejected fromXavier finally found a permanent mission in the city of Yamaguchi.

Using the lure of Western material goods, Xavier was successful in converting many Japanese citizens to Christianity. Though Xavier died a year later, his success in brining Christianity was a success; his cause was also furthered by the arrival of Father Gaspar Vilela in Hall Many Daimyo supported the foreign Jesuits; they converted to Christians, and forced their subjects to follow.

Trade negotiations between Japan and Europe had become stronger, even a group of converted Japanese Christians made a trip to Rome.

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By there was reportedlyJapanese converts in Japanall this work took only 40 years, and 75 missionaries Hall The most popular yet less peaceful item brought to Japan by Europewas the matchlock rifle.

Many of the Daimyo were impressed after seeing the European matchlock; that by many Daimyo had ordered mass productions of the advanced weapon. One Daimyo in particular was Oda Nobunaga who had placed an order for rifles, the largest order to date Turnbull The Japanese also demonstrated their ability to quickly assimilate objects from other cultures, but also their ability to improve upon it.

Many metal smiths went to work on an improved Japanese musket called the teppo. This weapon was found to be more powerful then the bow and replaced many archer units. Because of his backing of the Christian missions, Oda Nobunaga gained support from the European traders.

Being a very clever Daimyo, Nobunaga put the teppo to good use, on his path to creating hegemony Hall Nobunaga defeated many of his opponents with the matchlock, until his unexpected assassination. With the introduction of European trade and the Christian religion, it allowed the Japanese to have a better economy, and brought to them Western culture, it also allowed for their borders to be open to the different cultures.

In the Tokugowa Shogunate instilled itself as the ruler of Japanafter defeating the Toytomi heir at the battle of Sekigahara, the final battle of the Sengoku period.

Tokugowa passed many restrictions on the Japanese people s a form of social control, forcing commoners to give up weapons, and forcing no growth within the political system. The shogunate also passed an edict, which barred foreigners from entering the country or Japanese citizens from leaving Dunn There was also a call for the complete extermination of the Christian religion.

With his victory and various laws in place Tokugowa paved the way for a year period of peace, which ironically was a period in which the cultural growth of Japan Japanese culture remained unchanged throughout the Edo periodthe country still was a feudal system, which was still ruled over by the Tokugowa shogunate.

Through strict social control the shogunate managed to keep a large measure of peace throughout the country, but there were also strict laws in place that returned Japan to isolationism.Islamic art is just one example of the way in which Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and pagan traditions coexisted during the Middle Ages, resulting in the sometimes subtle, often profound, influence Islamic society has had on the Western world.

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This is an example of cultural diffusion through technology, because the picture shows that even the most isolated people in the world still use cellphones. Economic This map of international trading blocs shows how economics are affected by cultural diffusion.

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Gumbo can be regarded as an excellent example of cultural blending. I like this dish since it .

Cultural diffusion essay example

Cultural diffusion is such an example of the second type of the gift. This was started to broad our mind and thinking, know about others, learn about others. But as we are misusing this great blessing, we are having those very little.

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