Cybersecurity case study

The curriculum is designed to expand your expertise in protection and risk management techniques and graduates with this advanced degree in cyber security will open up wide opportunities in both public and private sector careers. The Cybersecurity Master's degree program prepares you to: Traditional, Accelerated Cohort The traditional format, offered online or in-class, is geared for entry or mid-level professionals and follows our standard schedule for completion of a master's degree.

Cybersecurity case study

To understand why the case matters quite a bit, we need to step back and understand the FTC. The FTC has two grounds on which it can bring a civil lawsuit. One is an allegation of deception — in other words an argument that some consumer service organization like, say Wyndham Hotels had made representations to the consuming public that were false.

The long view

As you may imagine allegations of that sort are often very fact specific and tied to particular circumstances. It seeks a permanent injunction, directing Wyndham to fix its cyber systems so that they are more secure and unspecified damages. The suit asserts both grounds for FTC jurisdiction.

This type of lawsuit by the FTC is not unusual.

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Whether, as a normative matter, those effects are good or bad is a different question. The FTC is the only effective game in town.

What's New? Print Recent reports that Russia has been attempting to install malware in our electrical grid and that its hackers have infiltrated utility-control rooms across America should constitute a significant wakeup call.
Memory, memory, memory: is it really all alike? Research methodology Oil and gas might not seem like an industry that hackers would target. But they do—and the cybersecurity risks rise with every new data-based link between rigs, refineries, and headquarters.
Protecting the connected barrels Here we go again: Admittedly, this coincidence is getting more and more interesting, maybe meteorogists can spot a pattern here.

The principal evidence that the FTC may be acting beyond its authority is its own report fromin which it asked Congress to expand its legal authority to consider security breaches as consumer-protection issues. Congress has never acted on that request, but the FTC has decided to proceed anyway.

Now, we can see why this is a significant matter. In the absence of comprehensive cybersecurity legislation and while we are waiting for the cybersecurity standards of the Executive Order to be developed, the only effective method for cybersecurity regulation by the government is to use the FTC;s enforcement authority.

If, in the end, it turns out that the FTC lacks the authority it has been asserting then … well, then the government will be without any real authority to compel cybersecurity improvements. Some will see that as a victory; others as a defeat — but either way it will be quite important.Recent Examples on the Web.

That ubiquity makes protecting Wi-Fi from hackers one of the most important tasks in cybersecurity. — Brian Barrett, WIRED, "The Next Generation of Wi-Fi Security Will Save You From Yourself," 26 June In the wake of the massive DDoS attack that brought down huge swaths of the internet last week, strengthening cybersecurity is on everyone's minds.

Automated threat detection and response solutions to protect organizations’ sensitive data. By integrating network visibility, data loss prevention, endpoint detection and response, and deception, Fidelis enables overwhelmed security teams to focus on urgent threats and prevent data theft.

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Stay Safe Online, the National Cyber Security Alliance's website, aims to make the internet safer and more secure for everyone. In this 1 hour training event with James we will discuss: How We Got Here - The underlying causes that lead to systemic vulnerabilities.

Intrusion Kill Chain Overview - Introduction to the common model used to analyze attacks. The Target Breach - What was stolen. Intrusion Kill Chain Attack Analysis - Reviewing the steps, reasons and methods, used by the attacker.

Cybersecurity case study

As the open source movement reaches the two-decade milestone, thoughts turn to the movement's achievements and future goals. Nov 20,  · In March of I authored an article predicting the demise of Yahoo CEO Marissa's the thing - not every talented, successful executive is .

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