Essays on disenfranchisement

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Essays on disenfranchisement

November 22, 5: Bush and Abraham Lincoln. Listening to Rush Limbaugh is a guilty pleasure of mine. Historians routinely rank Abraham Lincoln as one of our greatest presidents, even though he took many more gross liberties with the Constitution than George W.

Essays on disenfranchisement

Bush is a great president too. He suspended the writ of habeas corpus, which allowed him to arrest thousands of U. Circuit Court overturned Lincoln on this, he simply ignored their ruling. He won re-election in through a variety of questionable tactics, including having Union troops redeployed to states to pressure and intimidate voters.

He never had a particularly high opinion of blacks, starting from indifference to the plight of slavery and eventually concluding that freed slaves should be shipped back to Africa. He fought for quite a while to preserve slavery in border states and only turned to emancipating slaves as a last-ditch strategy for weakening the Confederacy.

He kept border states like Maryland loyal to the Union by first promising not to end slavery there, then by hauling away political leaders without trial. But could a more effective president have done a better job accomplishing this? One wonders whether a more diplomatic and strategically adept president might have accomplished the preservation of the Union and the abolition of slavery without totally fucking over the country in the process.

One wonders if the South might have voluntarily done away with the institution of slavery at some point anyway, or if they might have been coerced into it through a better application of economic and diplomatic pressure.

How long could the Confederacy have lasted under such pressure alone before they started to cave? Could a wily dealmaker of a president have enticed the southern states back into the Union one by one, and thus avoided the deaths of over half a million soldiers?

The Union he fought so hard to preserve remains deeply fractured to this day. And the slaves he liberated saw another hundred years of oppression, violence, and disenfranchisement before achieving anything like equality in this country. The relevance of these questions to the situation our current president has gotten us into is obvious.

The expunging of a cruel dictator in Baghdad and the establishment of a participatory democracy in the Middle East are noble goals too. But are they worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of lives? Could a smarter and more flexible and less dogmatic president have done a better job of it?

Essays on disenfranchisement

Was diplomatic and international pressure a better tool to use than brute force?Make a gift to PBS NewsHour & NewsMatch will match it!

Support intelligent, in-depth, trustworthy journalism. Essay Defensible Disenfranchisement. Mary Sigler* 99 Iowa L B. Defensible Disenfranchisement. The case for defensible disenfranchisement, predicated on a conception of liberal democratic community, informs but does not dictate the precise terms of an optimal disenfranchisement policy.

Our working conception of political . The root of Felon Disenfranchisement can be traced back to Greek and Roman laws. Where any person convicted of an infamous crime would lose his or her right to participate in polis. In Rome they would lose their right to participate in suffrage and to serve in the Roman legions.

With the founding of. Strong Essays words ( pages) Disenfranchisement: Voting is a Privelege that we Must Not Take for Granted - Since the establishment of our great country, Americans utilized the .

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Free Voting papers, essays, and research papers. The Vote Voting: Retrospective Voting - In the midterm elections, the republications got a hold of majority in the . College Links College Reviews College Essays College Should Felons be Allowed to Vote?

calls on states to cut through the confusing thicket of disenfranchisement laws by explaining clearly.

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