Health organization case study research

Eisenhardt 's methodological work. Yin 's guidelines and making positivist assumptions.

Health organization case study research

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Shortened time to deploy consistent development environments from three weeks to moments In-depth monitoring supporting improved operational efficiency and cost-to-value analysis Faster time to market for new features and customizations Adoption of new development best practices such as containerization and microservices Built-in HIPAA compliance ensuring regulatory adherence required by healthcare end customers About the Company Through its Converge Platform, Verge Health enables healthcare organizations to take a proactive, systemwide approach to safety, risk, and quality.

With software-as-a-service applications for practitioner management, organizational compliance, and patient and employee safety, clients can incorporate data-driven decision making throughout their operations using a secure, cloud-based workspace with robust security and permissions.

The Challenge A key way Verge Health differentiates itself is through rapid innovation focused on meeting individual customer needs. The result is that we are in a state of continuous application development, which requires us to constantly spin up new servers independent of our production infrastructure and databases.

HIPAA compliance in a SaaS context is a complex and specialized area, encompassing technical issues ranging from firewall configuration, to log monitoring, to data retention. The team spent significant time and resources managing and deploying infrastructure that met HIPAA requirements—time that could have been used for creating revenue-generating solutions.

It can force you to start over from scratch. Verge Health saw an opportunity to leverage these components to support its own DevOps approach, increasing agility and speed to better serve its customers. By moving to standard configurations that could be self-provisioned by Verge, the team was able to solve compliance, resourcing, and consistency challenges.

In addition, it would gain greater control over its own environment—something the partner actively encourages. It enables them to develop at a faster pace, and it enhances our scalability to serve more customers.

Verge Health can be confident that any instances they provision will work as intended and will be identical to those used in production. By eliminating configuration errors, this consistency saves the company time and money.

Health organization case study research

They can develop and test new applications and get them to market faster so we can respond to business change. Now, it takes only moments and is error-free.

The majority of my people are attacking business problems. We can leave provisioning and managing infrastructure to those who specialize in it. It now has a real-time view into the health of its environment and can quickly adjust to provide the best user experience.

Granular, per-component cost information enables the company to improve operational efficiency and analyze the cost-to-value ratio of potential new features before investing engineering resources in them. Customer solutions have included patient portals, health information exchanges, mobile health engagement platforms, and other solutions for a growing customer base.Mar 20,  · This page last updated on March 20, Content Manager: [email protected] Technical Issues: E-mail OER Webmaster.

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Health Organization Case Study Banner Health Care 2 Banner Health Care is a varied body of medical facilities that give human services to the general public. It is committed in making the life of the general public better by creating more access to healthcare%().

The Truth About the China Study The China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and Long-Term Health by T. Colin Campbell.

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New: Read Dr. Campbell's response to this review and my response to Dr. Campbell. See also Denise Minger's excellent critique of The China Study and my my critical review of Dr. Campbell's animal research.

Health organization case study research

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An updated look at health insurance premiums and rates presented nationally and by state for plan year, plus detailed filings for Tables include historical trends for - and links to the best sources, including NCSL and Commonwealth Fund-designed interactive maps.

Health Organization Case Study Research a health Health Organization Case Study Research a health care organization or a network that spans several states within the U.S. (Example: United Healthcare, Vanguard, Banner Healthcare, etc.).

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