Leadership and power ho ching

This year, Ho Ching will complete 16 years at Temasek. She joined the organisation, then called Temasek Holdings, as a director in January before she was promoted to executive director just four months later, in May.

Leadership and power ho ching

Early life[ edit ] She was born Shih Yang simplified Chinese: Marriage to Cheng I[ edit ] The Cheng family of the Pirates on the China Sea genealogy Cheng I was from a family of notorious pirates whose roots trace back to the mid-seventeenth century.

Sources differ on Cheng I's motivation for marriage: Following their marriage, Shih "who participated fully in her husband's piracy", [1]: They adopted Cheung Po as their step-son, making him Cheng's fully legal heir.

She also bore him two sons; Cheng Ying Shih simplified Chinese: Leadership and power ho ching I used military assertion and his reputation to bind former rivalling Cantonese pirate fleets into an alliance.

Bythis coalition was a formidable force, and one of the most powerful pirate fleets in all of China; by this time they were known as the Red Flag Fleet. She started to cultivate personal relationships to get rivals to recognize her status and solidify her authority.

She acted quickly to solidify the partnership with her step-son Cheung Po with intimacy. Then she drew on the coalition formed by her husband by building upon some of the fleet captains' existing loyalties to her husband and making herself essential to the remaining captains.

Second, no one was to steal from the public fund or any villagers that supplied the pirates. The booty was registered by a purser and then distributed by the fleet leader. The original seizer received twenty percent and the rest was placed into the public fund. Fourth, actual money was turned over to the squadron leader, who only gave a small amount back to the seizer, so the rest could be used to purchase supplies for unsuccessful ships.

Large amounts of withheld treasure or subsequent offenses carried the death penalty. Standard practice was to release women, but J. Usually the pirates made their most beautiful captives their concubines or wives. If a pirate took a wife he had to be faithful to her.

Pirates that raped female captives were put to death, but if pirates had consensual sex with captives, the pirate was beheaded and the woman he was with had cannonballs attached to her legs and was thrown over the side of the boat.

Deserters or those who had left without official permission had their ears chopped off, and then were paraded around their squadron. Glasspoole concluded that the code "gave rise to a force that was intrepid in attack, desperate in defense, and unyielding even when outnumbered.

However Ching Shih managed to pillage and take over the government ships. The government had to revert to only using fishing vessels for battle.

One in particular was O-po-tae, a former allied-pirate who began working with the Qing government, that forced them to retreat from the coast. In their final battle in the Naval Battle of Chek Lap Kok on Januarythey surrendered to the Portuguese Navy in January 21 and later accepted an amnesty offered by the Qing Imperial Government to all pirates who agreed to surrender, ending their career and allowed to keep the loot that same year.

Cheung Po Tsai changed back to his former name, and was capitulated to the Qing Dynasty government. He became a captain in the Qing's Guangdong navy. Ching Shih and Cheung Po were soon married with the governor himself as witness.

Ching Shih used her loot to open a gambling house. She would later have a daughter who was born at an unknown date. After Cheung Po died at sea inChing Shih moved the family to Macau and opened a gambling house and a brothel.

InErmanno Olmi made a film, Singing Behind Screensloosely based on Borges's retelling, though rights problems prevented the Argentine writer from appearing in the credits.

Meyer's Bloody Jack series, Jacky is captured by Ching Shih and so impresses her that the pirate bestows her with a tattoo of a dragon on the back of her neck to indicate she is under Shih's protection. A character loosely based on Ching Shih appears in the film Pirates of the Caribbean: Played by Takayo Fischer Mistress Ching is portrayed as one of the nine Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court and the powerful leader of the pirate confederation of China.

Puppetmongers Theatre of Toronto, Canada, mounted two different productions based on Ching Shih's life. Red Flag, a limited series which centers on Ching Shih, starring Maggie Q and Francois Arnaudwas scheduled to start filming in the fall of in Malaysia. The episode is called "The Pirate Queen.

It is in a collection of diverse short stories for middle grade readers.Updated world stock indexes.

Leadership and power ho ching

Get an overview of major world indexes, current values and stock market data. Ho Chi Minh: Ho Chi Minh, founder of the Indochina Communist Party In the petition, Ho demanded that the French colonial power grant its subjects in Indochina equal rights with the rulers.

This act brought no response from the peacemakers, but it made him a hero to many politically conscious Vietnamese. France, now liberated and under.

Madame Gao is one of the five leading founders of the Hand. Over the many years of her life, she focused on running her heroin trade within New York City and using Rand Enterprises' infrastructure as means to it, aligning with Wilson Fisk in order to further her goals.

Gao's goals were disrupted. Temasek Holdings chief executive Ho Ching has been in the position since , and the future leadership is a subject of some public interest.

Leadership and power ho ching

This session gives you a sneak peek at some of the top-scoring posters across a variety of topics through rapid-fire presentations. The featured abstracts were chosen by the Program Committee and are marked by a microphone in the online program. Alkesh Kumar Sharma, CEO, Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation Limited.

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