Marketings role organization

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Marketings role organization

Marketings role organization

Marketing 8 min read "Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. On a related -- but arguably more serious -- note, according to the CMO Survey by the American Marketing Association and Duke University, Marketing appears to be one of the early rebounders in the initial economic recovery.

In terms of both department size and budget, Marketing is on the rise. And as the role of marketing grows, it also continues to evolve. Marketing operations staff work closely with Sales, and sometimes also have a sales operations counterpart.

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Marketing operations would be a fit for anyone who has an analytical mind and is interested in marketing and sales strategy. Karen Rubin, a HubSpotter in a marketing operations role adds: Roles under this subset include community managerscustomer experience designers, and customer communications officers.

Skills and focus areas range, but the customer evangelist is essentially the internal voice of the customer within a company.

Beyond being "the right thing to do," creating a positive customer experience actually drives results. In a socially driven market, the role of a customer evangelist becomes all the more critical. All too many potential customers get stuck in the middle of the marketing funnel, never continuing on to make an actual purchase.

Professionals skilled in lead nurturing help marketing teams deliver highly tailored content to guide leads to a point of decision. And research shows that personalized marketing leads to more customer conversions than generalized communications.

The lead nurturing role in an organization is steeped in customer and lead data. As a result, video as a form of content is on the rise. As part of this investment in video as a content format, many companies are adding videographers to their marketing teams.

We asked Chris Savage, co-founder and CEO of Wistia, a video hosting and analytics providerwhat companies should look for when hiring video talent. Besides just the basics of lighting, shooting, and editing, you really want someone who has a strong sense for what topics will be most successful on video.

As a result, co-marketing brings fresh perspectives to your marketing initiatives and helps each company reach an audience that might not otherwise have found them. Dan Slagen, head of global marketing relations at HubSpot leads our co-marketing initiatives.

Dan explains, "We partner with like-minded companies on projects that will help promote the marketing industry. For HubSpot, the value of working with partners such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Google has been an array of thought leadership, brand alignment, and new business opportunities for all parties involved.

As such, new marketing hires at every level should be expected to understand and contribute to social media strategies. Analytics as a Core Skill As you may have noticed above, analytics and data are playing a big role in emerging marketing positions.

As marketing departments grow in size and marketing budgets increase, the ability to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and channels will become more and more essential.

Read more about how to cultivate a data-driven marketing team in this blog post. Marketers have more and more say in the technology they use to do their jobs.Marketing's Role in Recruiting Talent September 15, By Chris Warren. How companies like GE, Siemens, and Kimberly-Clark use marketing to entice top-tier job candidates.

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