Thesis on virtualization techniques in mobile clouds

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Thesis on virtualization techniques in mobile clouds

In the modern world, Information and Communication Technologies are very closely integrated to form total solutions for businesses.

Hence, many academic topics for dissertation and thesis research projects can comprise of problem areas addressing both these technologies when investigated in the context of corporate business solutions, and for solutions for government organisations, not-for-profit organisations, and public infrastructure services.

Thesis on virtualization techniques in mobile clouds

Some of the solutions in IT are widely debated because they are being claimed to be the future of computing infrastructures for IT enabled businesses. I have come across numerous white papers that attempt to establish the feasibility of these technology solutions. These white papers, mostly sponsored by original equipment manufacturers, solution providers and service providers, have been very effective in outlining the benefits of these new solutions and their high level design details such that corporate business owners have started taking interest in them.

Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Green Data Centres and Unified Threat Management Solutions are four such areas in which, significant number of academic research studies are required.

The research topics related to virtualization, green data centres, and unified threat management require studies of fundamentals related to cloud computing architectures, technologies, and infrastructures given that cloud computing is a successor of grid computing in which, these technologies had evolved.

A number of studies on cloud computing architectures, technologies, and infrastructures have been conducted in the past but they have covered only small parts of this massive computing domain. Many customers are already running pilots and partial cloud services Thesis on virtualization techniques in mobile clouds their IT infrastructure systems but the mechanism of learning from them is not clearly defined and implemented.

Such large scale changes in the world of IT systems and networking cannot be implemented based on ad-hoc learning from pilots given that unstructured learning approaches can lead to incorrect and biased conclusions thus causing major setbacks to the businesses.

In fact, the ground level implementation plans and their challenges are inadequately analysed, tested and ratified. The academic community can find numerous opportunities in establishing the validity of these new solutions. The students should focus on studying the realisation of business benefits claimed by the OEMs and Solution Providers such that the other side of picture evolves clearly.

I hereby present an outline of these research areas and the suggested topics for the benefit of students undertaking higher studies in IT systems for their dissertation and theses research projects.

The benefits of cloud-based services are manifold. They enable organizations not only to offset costs but also to achieve greater business agility and to reach new markets and customers. But what. Also using cloud computing telecommunication techniques such as printing and file transfers reduces the need for office space, buying office furniture, disposing of old furniture, buying chemicals for cleaning the offices and more. Mobile Cloud Computing Thesis Mobile Cloud Computing Thesis is our ultramodern framework for you to conquer top-tier achievements in your intellectual voyage. In thesis preparation stage, predominance of students and research philosophers concern to hire thesis preparation service which work might be plagiarized or low quality.

In addition to the suggestions below, please contact us at consulting etcoindia. We will be happy to assist you in developing your narrow research topic with an original contribution based on the research context, research problem, and the research aim, and objectives.

A Green Data Centres: This is also referred to as sustainable data centres by many analysts. The detailed specifications for designing and deploying green data centres have been released by many companies and independent technology analysts.

The primary target of green data centres is to achieve "conservation as much as possible" - energy conservation, space conservation, cost conservation, resource conservation, etc. The designers try to implement systems that are as lean as possible. But Gartner reports have warned about threats of crossing conservation thresholds that can result in reduced performance, reduced productivity, reduced disaster recovery capability and above all, reduced capacity and flexibility to take on the business growth challenges.

Unfortunately, the consulting world is closely affiliated to the OEMs and Suppliers and hence all designs and solutions are normally biased to achieve sales targets.

A number of topics can evolve especially if the studies are focussed at the local geographies where the students are residing. The reader will appreciate the fact that medium to large scale data centres require enormous power capacities that the buildings meant for office spaces cannot build to host them even if they have the requisite space for hosting the racks for network devices and servers.

In my consulting assignments, I have struggled significantly to fit the equipment power ratings into the power budget provided by the building administrators.

A medium to large scale data centre may require anywhere between KVA to KVA or may be more of power capacity which is not provided by even large scale builders offering office spaces of the order of square feet per floor or more; and yes, please keep in mind that I am only talking about the data centre and not the desktops, laptops, lights, airconditioning, heating, etc.

With the rapid growth of businesses in the modern world of globalization, data centres can no longer be squeezed and made a bottleneck for business growth.

This is, probably, the last thing upon which a business may like to compromise. Hence, Green Data Centres appear to be the solution for the future. Also, it will be well integrated with the philosophy of the Green Building revolution across the world. Every original equipment manufacturer is working towards reducing the power consumption ratings of its products.

They have already done well in reducing the form factor and hence the heat dissipation of servers and network equipment, but energy conservation is still not addressed adequately. Overall, the total solutions should be a combination of energy efficient solutions and products.

In this context, virtualization is gaining significant popularity across the world. The students may like to conduct separate researches on implementation of green data centres and virtualization or else combine both of them to conduct integrated researches.

The framework of green data centres should take into account the triple bottom line objectives of environment protection, economical management and operations, and people-friendly systems, structures, policies, and procedures.

The focus should be on achieving the objectives in a balanced manner using multiobjectives criteria. The studies on green data centres may be designed to explore the following areas pertaining to characteristics, performance metrics, and measures of green data centres study of the key characteristics of green data centres and the key performance metrics and measurement methods that help in determining the greenness performance of the data centre operationsand technical standards and solutions for meeting the sustainability objectives of the green data centres: Each area can be explored for formulating numerous narrowed research topics for dissertation and thesis research projects.

This list can be expanded further by studying the emerging research reports, standards, and frameworks. The idea is to select one problem at a time and conduct an exploratory, mathematical, experimental, or statistical study for designing and presenting a solution.

In addition to the suggestions above, please contact us at consulting etcoindia. With Sincere Regards, Sourabh Kishore. Apologies for the interruption!!an IT virtualization practice to a private cloud computing practice • A framework for approaching your private cloud project that lays Virtualization and Cloud Computing Steps in the Evolution from Virtualization to Private Cloud Infrastructure as a Service August Virtualization is a technique like cost saving, hardware reducing and energy saving used by the cloud provider.

In this paper we discussed in detail about virtualization and its different types. Clouds Adel Nadjaran Toosi, Redowan Mahmud, Qinghua Chi (5G-PPP) has identified various use case families of enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), massive machine-type communications (mMTC), and ultra-reliable low latency virtualization techniques.

The alignment of . Master in Security and Mobile Computing June Stig Frode Mjølsnes, ITEM Submission date: The goal of this master thesis is to a) extend the prototype to public infrastructure clouds, e.g.

Amazon WebServices, and to b) improve the overall security analysis of the discovered hybrid cloud Virtualization Infrastructure clouds are. Read the latest news and expert tips on open source mobile apps, industry mobile applications and small business mobile solutions. Find case studies from companies who have successfully implemented the latest mobile enterprise applications and learn from their experience.

A Performance Comparison of VMware GPU Virtualization Techniques in Cloud Gaming A Thesis Submitted to the College of Graduate Studies and Research in Partial Ful llment of the Requirements for the degree of Master of Science in the Department of Computer Science University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon By Zhihong Zhuo c Zhihong Zhuo, March/

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