What type of girl do most guys find attractive

Zahra Mulroy Social Audience Editor Why ARE we attracted to the people we're attracted to? One theory which goes some way towards understanding this is that some people have a certain 'type,' or find a certain type of feature irresistible.

What type of girl do most guys find attractive

I don't seem to grow muscle as fast as some people or maybe I'm just lazy. I can lean down really easily though but I envy the guys who can gain lots of muscle really quickly so I lean further towards meso and slightly towards endo. I don't want to get to the point where leaning down is a massive challenge but I also don't like the current state where leaning down comes easily to me but bulking up seems tougher.

That comes very easily to me and I have to be very lazy to get those abs to fade. But harder to me is getting like inch biceps. That takes so much dedication and work of a kind I'm too lazy to put in. If I was pure meso or slightly endo, maybe that same work could translate to some more mass.

But in my case I'm reversed. Maybe some people think being cutting is tougher and that comes easy to me even though I'm lazy and drink all the time. But bulking is so hard to me -- I just tend to get fat without gaining much muscle. So I'd trade places halfway with someone who thinks leaning down is hard but gains muscle really easily.This is what men find the most attractive about a woman's face - and it's not what you might think.

We may in fact be hard-wired to have a 'type' - and there's one thing in particular men find. Most guys find blondes more attractive, or at least they get more attention from men generally. I know because I used to be a brunette.

And I am not even that good looking, I can just imagine how much attention other more attractive blonde girls get. Vaanholt gave her participants, men from all over the world, a set of images of women with different body shapes to look at and had them rate the women in order from most attractive to least attractive.

Just the basic clothes, not very attractive stuff from wal-mart or something.

What type of girl do most guys find attractive

C. I don't go shopping that often, but i have simple but attractive things that look good on my body. Women come in all shapes and sizes, but which body type do men prefer: Kim Kardashian curves and an ample bust, or a willowy supermodel physique?

We decided to answer the question once and for all by parading three different female body types - curvy, slim and athletic - in front of a group of men. Which Type of Girl Do You Find Most Attractive? by Teresa M.

There are a lot of women in this world, and every single one of them is different. This is okay, because there are a lot of men out there too, and all of them want something different in a woman.

while other guys want a woman who wants to do nothing but party all night long. Some.

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